Amy Phanphongsa-Syxomphou

Web Developer

About Me

Hello, my name is Amy Phanphongsa-Syxomphou (Pun-pohng-sa - See-som-poo). Phew! That's a mouthful and I wouldn't expect you to pronouce it perfectly. I'm originally from Honolulu, HI. I'm an aspiring developer. I have received a Certificate of Achievement from PunchCode, an immersive 12-week coding bootcamp course located in Las Vegas, NV. I don't know every thing about coding but I am willing to learn.

Prior to attending PunchCode, I was a full time Waitress working tirelessly 7 days a week at 2 different restaurants. I enjoy serving because it gives me a chance to learn about other people. I'm also able to make them feel special.

Aside from honing my coding skills, I love traveling, exploring, and eating. I don't quite have a favorite travel destination because each place is unique in its own special way. However, I love all of my solo trips because I had no set itinerary.

The adventure never stops.

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